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How to Keep Your Summer Glow in the Winter

November 20, 2019

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How to Keep Your Summer Glow in the Winter

As you move into colder seasons, you will notice your skin needing more attention to stay soft, supple and moisturized. Transitioning your products from Summer to Winter is normal for a lot of us, especially those with drier skin. So, it’s important to have a regimen that consists of using creams, oils, and layering products from thinnest to thickest to seal-in moisture.  

During the Summer, your skin retains hydration due to humidity maintaining skin’s natural levels of water. However, during the colder months, the harsh dry weather evaporates that moisture, causing the need to compensate with thicker hydrating products. While tighter, firmer skin is something we all want, there's a difference when tightness comes from dehydrated skin. Thirsty skin is a no-no, so we're going to give you a breakdown on the art of exfoliating, hydrating and moisturizing to give you a hint of a Summer glow, even in the Wintertime.

Maintaining your skincare routine is key, especially during a change in the weather. So, here are our essentials to help you maintain hydration and seal in moisture during the cold season.


After cleansing, give your skin the gift of radiance, with the Rose Glow Crème. It's a super creamy moisturizer that can be worn day and night to keep you glowing with moisturized skin. With key ingredients like rosehip oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and aloe vera, your skin will thirst no more.

Apply this crème twice a day for glowing results!


Add this oil to your night-time routine to wake up with hydrated skin! This little beauty elixir is packed with hemp seed oil, tea tree oil, and sunflower oil to help you not only with moisture but reducing inflammation as well. Apply this oil to your skin after your moisturizer to seal in the moisture.

Apply this beauty elixir nightly for iconic results.


Using this serum will not only restore and retain moisture with the help of hyaluronic acid, but you’ll also work to soothe any irritation with the blend of aloe vera. To round out this super hydrating serum, the Vitamin C and E, infused will even your skin tone and promote a brighter, more youthful appearance. Add this serum before your moisturizer and right after a hydrating toner.

Apply this serum twice a day for brighter and more youthful skin.

Now that your face is covered, you can't forget that you also have skin below the neck. That's right, your knees, elbows, and heels, all need extra love during the colder months – harsh weather can make for rough areas, but with proper exfoliating you can stay silky and smooth. Here are our favorite products to use in the Winter to keep your skin healthy and sexy!


This body scrub is the perfect exfoliator to revive your dry skin and boost hydration. The blend of sugar cane and shea butter will not only remove dry skin but leave behind a soft canvas, as the grapeseed oil works to even out your skin tone. With a name like Eden Glow, you can only imagine the goddess glow that you will be showing off. Give your body the full treatment and glow like the goddess you are.

Use this scrub 2-3 times a week for Goddess like results


Complete your body treatment with this uber-creamy, and moisturizing body butter. This khus khus body butter is blended with cocoa butter and Jamaican black castor oil, which will give your skin all the nourishment it's craving. Apply this to your skin immediately after your body scrub to replenish your skin’s moisture.

Use this body butter daily to replenish your skin’s moisture.


Keeping your skin healthy throughout the Winter is the goal, so ladies don’t hesitate to create a regimen for yourself and add it to your self-care routine. Treat your skin to these goodies plus more with Rein Beauty to get glowing! 

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